What to do after high school? Planning a career!

How to effectively plan a career in adolescence or in the first years of study? In this article, I answer this question.

Many young people ask themselves questions such as: Which studies to choose? What to do after high school?
The answer is not simple. Today, young people have a huge choice and virtually unlimited professional development opportunities, but this choice turns out to be paralyzing for many. What if I choose wrong? The paradox is that you cannot make a wrong choice because there are no right or wrong decisions, there are just decisions and their consequences.

Planning a professional career

Career planning, however, is easier to start by asking yourself a slightly different question. Questions about what experience do I want to create for myself in life? Who do I want to become? And what fascinates me so much that I could explore it for hours?

These questions will help to define the main goal, career destinations, or at least give a direction, a vector for further development. When we have a defined main goal, only then can we move on to strategy planning, i.e. defining the steps that I must take on my way to achieve it. From the perspective of the goal, these steps seem obvious and the choice of the field of study is a formality.

Lifetime goal

This, of course, is only one of the many important elements of career planning and creating a good future. We explore the process of the goal strategy and other elements of better self-management during the workshops organized by our company for young people from the last grades of high school and the first years of study, “career planning”.

Deborah James, an American anthropologist, once said that “paths are not to be discovered, but to be created,” and the sooner we create them, the more satisfying our professional life is. So high school is the best time to plan your career!

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