I communicate at a very high level

I efficiently solve conflicts in the team

I can inspire people to follow me

I effectively motivate employees

"85% of financial success depends on personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and to lead. Shockingly, only 15% depends on technical knowledge.”

Carnegie Institute of Technology

Description of the training

Highly qualified Managers are a company’s great advantage over the competition; often the only one. Modern world of business is characterized with fast paced changes in the area of technology, culture, sociology as well as interpersonal relations, organizations are obliged to invest in the development of their Managers. It is the responsibility of this personnel to be a key player on the market.

A Top Manager is a person who has a clearly defined vision of where her/his team is leading, is aware of  internal processes, controls emotions very well, knows personal values, goals and motivational mechanisms of his/her employees and is able to efficiently combine them with the main goal and organization values. She/He is confident in action, communicates well, wants the “impossible” and is able to convince others that the impossible is possible. It is a role model for a team that inspires others.

Effective communication in management is essentially directed to develop soft skills based on wide ranged, multi-contextual communication; desired in every Manager regardless of the management level. This training develops the ability to lead other people, necessary for efficient teams’ development and to reach superior results.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for managers who need to expand their soft skills based on multi-context communication and develop personal and social competences (how to deal with themselves and how to deal with others). For people who want to learn how to lead others to achieve success, including long-term team motivation, necessary to effectively develop teams and achieve above-average results. For all managers who want to find themselves better in every business situation and “use” them for their own success.


One-time payment in advance:

11 808 zł gross

Payment in 6 installments, before each module:

6 x 1 968 zł gross


Infinity Power International office,
ul. Aleje Jerozolimskie  99/8 Warsaw

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    Program of the course:


    Building Top Manager's identity and attitude

    • Developing the role of the Top Manager as an expression of the vision, mission, value of the company in relations with clients, team and superiors.
    • Building internal consistency and an attitude of identification with the Vision, Mission, Values ​​of the company – “The company is me; I am the company ”.
    • Building awareness of obligations and role in relations within the company and in relations with clients.
    • Raising awareness of what values are and how do they influence our decisions?


    Values ​​and cooperation with emotions

    • Raising awareness about the importance of values ​​and how they influence our decisions.
    • Selecting personal values ​​in own professional area.
    • Values ​​as the strongest human motivation.
      The ability to cooperate with own emotions and build an attitude of certainty in action.


    The role of communication in management

    • Building powerful communicates through goals and results.
    • How to communicate well in the visual, auditory and kinesthetic systems in order to accurately reach all recipients?
    • Conflict solving through thanks to different positions of perception.
    • Providing feedback.


    Active and passive language patterns

    • How to recognize and understand own mechanisms of action and behavior?
    • Efficient usage of the mechanisms ruling the processes taking place in people’s minds.
    • How easy is it to stop thinking that everyone functions the way we do?
    • Where and how to get information about how people motivate themselves and make decisions.


    Achieving individual goal’s strategies, the influence of language on our results

    • What is a “personal success” strategy?
    • Discovering a personal strategy for accomplished goals.
    • Self-modeling strategy.
    • Unconscious mechanisms and patterns of human behavior.


    Summary of the workshop

    • Workshops – delegating tasks.
    • Speech: communication of goals and results.
    • Providing feedback, also negative.
    • Writing e-mails.


    Anna Modrzewska

    Cross - culture psychologist, business trainer and coach.

    Graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of Humanities and Social Psychology in Warsaw and post graduate studies – Psychology of managerial behavior. Knowledge and experience which she built both on the basis of general psychology, as well as the specialization within the framework of the Asian studies – China and East Asia as well as Balkans.
    Currently she co-creates programs and runs trainings, coachings at Infinity Power International. She also conducts trainings for companies, corporations and individual coachings. She deals with areas such as: individual strategy for success, building and management through vision, mission, values, self-management in difficult situations, communication in team management, leadership skills, coaching managerial, self-presentation and business presentations, communication in team management, building confidence, planning and managing emotions, giving direction to professional life, career advancement.
    During the trainings and coachings she works on the following assumption: we have been created to develop, improve and to achieve success. She also believes that every person, regardless of the place where s/he was born, language or nationality, has a special and unique channel of expression through which reveals and manifests own potential – her/himself. In her work with curiosity, professionalism and reliability she accompanies all participants in training and individual customers through the discovery and use of this potential. She helps in the exploration of the unique “matrix of success”, which is the way and mean to achieve the objectives of each of us. She adheres to the principle that everyone, no matter what we currently do, we can make the life of art and create the band of their own success.

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    The form of the course

    We conduct the training using activating methods (20% of theory, 80% of practice). During the workshops, participants will learn about the tools for efficient team management and have the opportunity to practice all of them together with the trainer.

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    6 modules, 12 training days

    24.02.2021, Warszawa

    Module I , 24-25.02.2021

    Module II , 11-12.03.2021

    Module III , 13-14.04.2021

    Module IV , 19-20.05.2021

    Module V , 9-10.06.2021

    Module VI , 8-9.07.2021

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