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Everyone has their own individual path to success and fulfillment, but to discover its deepest layers and how it works, you need the right tools and a person who knows how to effectively help in their implementation. This is my assignment in this course.

Anna Modrzewska

Training description

You cannot be an observer and a creator at the same time. Meanwhile, the modern world offers many pictures of great achievements made by successful people placing us in the role of constant observers.

It’s good when I am inspired by such patterns, but:

  • Are other people’s ways of achieving success are my way of achieving the desired results?
  • What if I have my individual, unique strategies to achieve my goals?
  • What if I have already developed patterns for making good decisions or developing skills?
  • What if I have a strategy for organizing failure and/or sabotaging success?

The Master of Neurolinguistic Programming Arts is a 4-month, 4-module certified course during which:

  • You become the creator of your life and success, you stop observing and admiring others, you appreciate yourself.
  • You discover and improve skills related to personal action strategies and the advanced art of communication.
  • You learn about the ways by which you effectively and long-term motivate yourself to act.
  • You learn about your strategies, which you use to achieve above-average results.
  • You improve your ways of making decisions and acting effectively in business and your personal life.

For whom?

The training is addressed to every participant who has completed the NLP Practitioner course and wants to further improve their communication skills and their own success strategies at work and in private relations. The training develops professional competences for trainers, managers, traders and every person for whom work is related to building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. It is also especially important and useful for those who create and manage teams, guide people through new challenges and changes on a daily basis.

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4 modules | 13 training days


Infinity Power International Office,
al. Jerozolimskie 99/8
02-001 Warsaw



Framework program of the course

  • Recognizing and understanding the mechanisms of action and behavior of oneself and other people.
  • How to inspire self-motivation in yourself and others.
  • Where and how to get information about how people motivate themselves and how they make decisions.
  • Effective management of your own motivational mechanisms.

  • Personal Success Strategies.
  • A personal strategy for good decisions.
  • Personal good skill strategy.
  • Self-modeling strategy.

  • Using language in a way that fits the other person’s “world model”.
  • Recognition of various models in communication and assumptions that allow understanding the essence of the message.
  • The art of constructing questions that will lead the interlocutor to solve the problem.
  • Understanding the power of language and more precise communication.

  • The change of direction of thinking: I will stop “stuck” in the past and orient myself more towards the future (because that is where I spend the rest of my life).
  • Appreciating your past as a powerful foundation for further development.
  • Giving direction to all levels of life – professional and private.
  • A process in which I take responsibility for my own professional life and build my own path, rather than walking a path that someone has trod for me.

Leading trainer

Anna Modrzewska

cross-cultural psychologist, trainer and coach

Cross-cultural psychologist, business trainer, coach at Infinity Power International, a specialist in brand management through vision, mission and values. A graduate of the SWPS University of Humanities in Warsaw and Stanford Graduate School of Business. She built her knowledge and several years of experience in management in cooperation with managers in Poland and abroad, and during her research conducted in China. She conducts training and managerial coaching for corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as open training in the field of Neurolinguistic Programming at the Infinity Power International Success Academy.

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