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  • I ask questions about proper linguistic structures

  • I have tools to solve every problem

  • I conduct effective individual and group coaching

  • I am fluent in metaphor and re-framing

Everyone has in life a mission to fulfill a specific task that needs to be fulfilled. That is why everyone is irreplaceable and their life is unique. Thus, everyone's task is as unique as the possibility of carrying it out.

Viktor E. Frankl

Training description

For several years, the profession of a coach has become an increasingly popular professional activity. Almost all of us have heard this word and may have thought about using a coach or using coaching skills in our work.

When I think of coaching or a coach, how do I understand it?
What is coaching and who is a coach?
How and in what exactly can it help me?
How can cooperation with a coach improve my life or solve a problem that is important to me?
Or maybe I want to work as a coach, what do I need to know and know?

Coaching is a journey from outside to inside and from inside to outside. A journey leading to personal development, going beyond the level we are currently at. We must be accompanied by properly formulated questions, about what experience we already have, what we have stocks, what we need to supplement them with and what map is our map.

In this journey, the coach always follows the client, his way of thinking and acting. He helps in solving an important problem for the client with his methods. It does not advise, judge or suggest what the client should or should not do. A coach helps everyone to collect their life achievements and choose what was the best and the most effective. Perfect it, strengthen it and translate it into your great future.
Coaching Skills is a 20-day (two days a month for 10 months) certified course during which you discover and improve:

professional coaching skills related to the models, strategies of actions of their clients and the advanced art of communication;
you learn about the ways people organize information, how they set goals, what strategies they use to achieve their results, and how they motivate themselves to act.

For whom?

The training is addressed to every participant who has completed the NLP Practitioner course and wants to further improve their communication skills and their success strategies at work and in private relations. The training develops professional competencies for trainers, managers, traders and every person for whom work is related to building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. It is also especially important and useful for those who create and manage teams, guide people through new challenges.

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12 modules | 30 training days


Infinity Power International Office,
al. Jerozolimskie 99 lok. 8
02-001 Warsaw

Ramowy program kursu

  • The emergence of values.
  • Build supporting beliefs.
  • Planning of emotional states.

  • Defining the rules that guide the trainer.
  • Selecting key assumptions in the work of the trainer.
  • Defining your own goals and results as a trainer.

  • Understanding the research on knowledge absorption by adults.
  • Structures of messages to adults.
  • Mechanisms for acquiring skills and actions (working with modal operators).

  • The role of language in training.Assumptions in the language.
  • Time structures in language.
  • Metaphors, symbols, storytelling.

  • Goal frame, result frame, process frame – their functions and roles during training.
  • Planning the coach’s field.
  • Dealing with personality diversity in training.

  • The difference between active and passive language patterns.
  • Unconscious language patterns – the language of influence.
  • Sending precise assumptions in questions.

  • What you have to do to make people listen to you.
  • Analysis of the world’s best speeches.
  • Discovering the elements and structures that determine the success of the best speeches.
  • Workshops: building your speech, presentation, feedback, improvement.

  • What you have to do to make people listen to you.
  • Analysis of the world’s best speeches.
  • Discovering the elements and structures that determine the success of the best speeches.
  • Workshops: building your speech, presentation, feedback, improvement.

Leading trainer

Jolanta Wasilewska

coach, philosopher and business trainer

A business trainer and coach, for 15 years he has been helping to develop enterprises, start-ups and corporations. She builds long-term SUCCESSES of organizations in which she implements a management system through Vision, Mission and Values. In corporations, she translates the global vision into the local market, taking into account the historical context of a given country. Creates internal and external communication systems of the company, which largely determine its success. She co-creates business strategies that set the direction of development and rapid growth of the company. She believes that communication is the GREAT ART that determines the success or failure of an organization. She is also convinced that every company that wants to be of great importance on the regional or global market must discover its vocation and its servitude for people and the world, that is, to get to know the wider context of its operation, PO WH was created. As a business trainer, her actions contribute to the creation of good, developmental work environments and their greater moral impact on the market.

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