CourseCommunication in management: Manager I

  • I build a high level of trust to myself and to the company

  • I efficiently resolve conflicts in the team

  • I am a support and authority for people

  • I arouse long-term motivation in employees

85% of financial success depends on personality and the ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% depends on technical knowledge.

Carnegie Institiute of Technology

Training description

Nowadays when more and more people feel less and less involved in their work, lose the sense of why and why they work, managers find it much more difficult to motivate employees in the long term. Therefore, both the managers themselves and their superiors are looking for solutions that:

  • build long-term commitment and motivation in the team;
  • make people know why they work in a selected company and identify with it;
  • connect employees with the company on the level of shared values;
  • make people want to work with managers and for a given company for years.

Highly qualified Managers are a great advantage for the company over the competition. They constitute its core and bear the greatest responsibility for achieving the strategic goals of the organization and for solving any problems caused by uncertain times. Therefore, by investing in good managerial training, you invest in your company’s profit.

Top Manager is a person who:

  •  has a clear vision of where his team is leading;
  • is aware of its internal processes;
  • controls emotions very well;
  • knows the personal values, goals and motivational mechanisms of their employees and is able to efficiently combine them with the primary goal and values ​​of their organization;
  • is confident in action, communicates well, wants the “impossible” and is able to convince others that the impossible is possible;
  • it is a model for people, a model of their role, which is inspired by others.

“Communication in management” is focused primarily on the development of soft skills, based on broadly understood, multi-context communication, desired in every manager, regardless of the level of management. The training also develops leadership skills necessary for the effective development of teams and achieving above-average results.

For whom?

This course is dedicated to managers who:

  • need to expand soft skills based on multi-context communication;
  • develop personal and social competencies (how to deal with yourself and how to deal with others);
  • want to learn leadership skills, including long-term team motivation, necessary for effective team development and achieving above-average results.

For all managers who want to find themselves better in every business situation and “use” them for their own success.

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6 modules | 12 training days


Infinity Power International,
al. Jerozolimskie 99/8
02-001 Warszawa

Framework program of the course

  • Developing the role of the Top Manager as an expression of the vision, mission, value of the company in relations with clients, team and superiors.
  • Building consistency and an attitude of identification with the Vision, Mission, Values ​​of the company – “The company is me; I am a company. “
  • Building awareness of obligations and role in relations within the company and in relations with clients.

  • Raising awareness of what values ​​are and how they influence our decisions.
  • Selecting personal values ​​in your professional plane.
  •  Values ​​as the strongest human motivation.
  • The ability to cooperate with one’s own emotions and build an attitude of certainty in action.

  • Building communication skills through goals and results.
  • How to communicate well in the visual, auditory and kinesthetic systems in order to accurately reach all recipients?
  • Conflict resolution through different positions of perception.
  • Providing feedback.

  • How to properly recognize and understand your mechanisms of action and behaviour?
  • Efficient use of mechanisms governing the processes taking place in human minds.
  • How easy is it to stop thinking that everyone functions the way we do?
  • Where and how to get information about how people motivate themselves and how they make decisions.

  • What are Personal Goal Strategies?
  • Discovery of a personal strategy of realized goals.
  • Self-modeling strategy.
  • Unconscious mechanisms and patterns of human behavior.

  • Workshops – delegating tasks.
  • Communication of goals and results that connect teams.
  • Providing feedback, also negative.
  • Writing e-mails.
  • Engaging the team, i.e. awakening long-term, internal motivation.

Trener prowadzący

Jolanta Wasilewska

coach, philosopher and business trainer

A business trainer and coach, for 15 years he has been helping to develop enterprises, start-ups and corporations. She builds long-term SUCCESSES of organizations in which she implements a management system through Vision, Mission and Values. In corporations, she translates the global vision into the local market, taking into account the historical context of a given country. Creates internal and external communication systems of the company, which largely determine its success. She co-creates business strategies that set the direction of development and rapid growth of the company. She believes that communication is the GREAT ART that determines the success or failure of an organization. She is also convinced that every company that wants to be of great importance on the regional or global market must discover its vocation and its servitude for people and the world, that is, to get to know the wider context of its operation, PO WH was created. As a business trainer, her actions contribute to the creation of good, developmental work environments and their greater moral impact on the market.

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