CourseC-level: Visionary

  • I think of myself in large format

  • I develop my skills of goal visualization

  • My thoughts work for my success

  • I increase my motivation to do great things

It is true, what is behind us, what is ahead of us is indeed nothing compared to what is in us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Training description

Thousands of books and guides have been written about success, and indeed many of them describe well the main guidelines for achieving it. However, all this knowledge is about operating principles and external behaviour, which are only a small part of the key to success. As a trainer, I studied the biographies of successful people for many years to use this knowledge in my work with clients, and it turned out that applying these principles was just the tip of the iceberg. Consequently, I was looking for extremely successful people to find out what else was missing for this key of success. I interviewed them, asked questions and analyzed how they did it. What I discovered was surprising to me! In addition to their external behaviour governed by these principles, I noticed what I called the rich world of internal experiences in them, that is, a certain specific way in which they direct their minds. They create specific mental constructs, conduct internal dialogues, negotiate, argue in the head and ask themselves questions in a specific way.

I have studied about 70 people who have achieved tremendous professional success, and it turned out that each of them uses many different schemas related to internal processes, but 21 elements connect them all. These people don’t align themselves with the world, they just make them align the world with themselves and their goals. They do it first through specific internal processes, which they then translate into external actions, and they always achieve success! They create a specific system of thinking and acting, which is for them a whole philosophy of life, to which they submit all their choices. The concepts, tools, and techniques you learn in this workshop mean learning from other people’s experience, and it is a practical, fast-paced development as learning everything from your own experience can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. And the great news is that this system can be learned and applied to your own goals.

  • This course is full of strategies thanks to which you can achieve success in your chosen area.
  • This course will help you use all the life forces that will work for your success.
  • This course is also the beginning of the end of negative thinking, the end of defeatism and self-doubt, the end of settling for just anything, anything less than you deserve and can get.
  • No more succumbing to small-scale influences.

In short, this is the end of minimalism in thinking for you.

For who?

The course is intended for people who are serious about their life career, who are hungry for success and dream about something more than mediocrity. The knowledge and tools in this course have long since passed the experimental phase, and people who have used this knowledge unknowingly continue to achieve tremendous success.

The form of the course

The course begins with a test to assess the percentage of the current state of each skill that you develop during the course and ends with the same test, where each item should have a score between 80% and 100%. The course is held in the form of workshops where 20% is theory and 80% paired exercises. Every couple has
your trainer who controls and supports the entire exercise process.

The course lasts a year and the meetings are held every month and cover 2 training days.

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12 modules | 24 training days
15000 zł
(gross with 23% VAT)


Infinity Power International Office,
al. Jerozolimskie 99/8
02-001 Warsaw


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Framework program of the course

A fundamental plane related to our inner world and our most powerful tool for the realization of personal achievement.

Working on this level is the answer to the question: how to better use your mind to lead you wherever you want! It is this inner world that is the most powerful motivation for us to act.

This plane contains 21 elements, which include, among others:

  • developing the talent of going beyond the small world – visualizations,
  • using your senses to build a great world – mind first,
  • mission beyond individual identity,
  • creating constructs of your ideas in the
  • representation system of your choice,
  • feedback loops between abstract and concrete,
  • individual thinking models that simplify reality,
  • the ability to ask yourself questions,
  • the art of constructing questions to yourself.


The second level concerns external rules and behaviors, such as:

  • main goal,
  • self-discipline,
  • self-control,
  • financial management (saving),
  • confident attitude.

Leading trainer

Jolanta Wasilewska

coach, philosopher and business trainer

A business trainer and coach, for 15 years he has been helping to develop enterprises, start-ups and corporations. She builds long-term SUCCESSES of organizations in which she implements a management system through Vision, Mission and Values. In corporations, she translates the global vision into the local market, taking into account the historical context of a given country. Creates internal and external communication systems of the company, which largely determine its success. She co-creates business strategies that set the direction of development and rapid growth of the company. She believes that communication is the GREAT ART that determines the success or failure of an organization. She is also convinced that every company that wants to be of great importance on the regional or global market must discover its vocation and its servitude for people and the world, that is, to get to know the wider context of its operation, PO WH was created. As a business trainer, her actions contribute to the creation of good, developmental work environments and their greater moral impact on the market.

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