The greatest profits for companies are brought by Salesmen who are ahead of the client's thinking instead of examining his needs or selling on the basis of relationships.

For many years, one of the most desirable and key professions in business is the position of a professional Dealer, Salesman and Key Account Manager. It is from the level of service that you, as a Seller or Account Manager, offer and the quality of information, solutions that you provide to customers depends on how much profit you generate for yourself and your organization.

When there is no competition or it is small, you sell with great ease. However, nowadays, when the market is filled with similar products and customers are overwhelmed with information, good relationships that you have built up so far with your contractors may not be enough to make you successful in sales.

So it is difficult today for a loyal customer, for whom you are the only supplier, not one of many – two, three, four

Therefore, how to present a product or service so that the customer will make the decision to buy at the meeting and he/she is convinced that this is a good decision? What information about the product and service I should give him/her and in what way should I give them to be valuable and interesting for her/him? So that the client eagerly awaited next purchases, solutions and became my loyal customer.

Currently, “Success in sales does not depend on those you know. It is important who wants to get to know you. ” – Dale Carnegie, and that’s why you need to become a High-Class Salesman.

You need to know what to say, how to present your product or offer, so that the customer is convinced that the time he has devoted to talk with me is a valuable experience for her/him and wants to come back for more solutions.

Product Communication

Product differences


Communication to the clients

Product presentation

Key benefits


A sales team that communicates at a very high level, because they understand the complex psychological mechanisms of the influence of language on mental processes.


Sales team, who stop using sales tricks, thanks to that they become a serious conversation partner for the clients.


Well-designed, influential value-based product communication.


The ability to take someone else's perspective is the most powerful skill of the modern salesperson.


An effective product or company service presentation’s structure that eliminates resistance and connects people around the idea, rather than convincing them "by force”.


Sales teams that manage themselves perfectly in time.

Stage no. 1

Product Communication

Instead of asking about your client’s needs, you start to educate him and show him new points of view.

During the first stage of training, you learn how to surprise your clients with the knowledge about their activities, how to present innovative solutions, to help the customer for example in making key decisions. You gain the knowledge and experience how to negotiate more effectively, without significantly reducing the price of your own product. Instead of asking about your client’s needs, you start to educate him and show new points of view. Thanks to this, you provide your client with an innovative, previously unknown point of view of her/his business and tools for the further development.

Stage no. 2

Product differences

In the second stage, you acquire skills on how you can differentiate your product from the competition based on the strengths, advantages, values ​​and achievements of your company.

How to always be well prepared and surprise the customer with solutions that the market does not offer yet. You know your client’s industry well with its problems, which is why you provide the customer with solutions that she/he had never thought about before. You surprise the client by showing a new point of view – a new look at his/her company.

Stage no. 3

Communication to the clients

In the next stage you are expanding your own soft skills in terms of communication with clients, so that you stop overwhelming them with unnecessary information, and you can select only those sentences that are crucial for them.

You develop the skills of conducting business talks and negotiations that create new thinking in clients. You make hypotheses and discuss trends in his/her entire industry, instead of asking about problems and needs. In this way, you are ahead of the customer’s thinking and you are able to surprise her/him with a solution he/she has never known before. From a merchant, you become a partner who can help in the success of the client’s company.

Stage no. 4

Product presentation

Product presentation is the last part of the project.

You learn how to present your product in the right structure to eliminate resistance and controversy, and connect people around your own idea or service. You present your own solutions in a natural and reliable way. You stop convincing others “by force” and reach all those you care about the most, at the same time building a sense of understanding what you want to convey to them. Thanks to the good presentation of the product and the company you are simply better understood and more often chosen by customers from your target group.