The companies that have achieved the greatest successes in the world are companies managed through Vision, Mission and Values.

Certainly, until now you have repeatedly used various management methods in your work. Perhaps you have also observed what factors influence the success of the organization that you co-create. There are many of them. However, the success factor that distinguishes the largest and most desirable brands in the world is management through „Purpose of a good influence”, Vision, Mission and Values ​​as well as a perfect internal and external communication system, because “Communication is everything and everything is communication”.
That’s why at every stage of managing your business, you need great communication: with clients, supervisors and colleagues. Therefore, the level of my communication depends on how great success I achieve in my work.f
The way you communicate products and services “It makes a difference that makes a difference”, which differs you from the competition and makes you expand your group of loyal customers and create the desired workplace. The communication you use is responsible for the quality of the relationships you build, the agility and motivation that you excite in your colleagues and the speed of your organization’s development.

So why is the Excellent Business Management Model a tool that you can use for your own success? It is an optimal and comprehensive system of solutions, thanks to which you increase the effectiveness of your co-workers and your company. It is a model based on the most effective way of managing – Management through „Purpose of a good influence” , Vision, Mission and Values, which guarantees long-term success of the organization and allows to distinguish the company on the market. This model contains and describes four interconnected areas of communication improvement, thanks to which you build and develop your company’s successes for years.

Vision, Mission, Values




Organizational Culture

Key benefits:


A highly moral and the most developmental way of managing business, which creates an atmosphere of cooperation and high loyalty of employees towards the company.


Defined Vision, Mission and Company Values, emerged from the history of the company's owners, which build coherent communication of the company and its products on the market.


An environment that makes it easier for managers to manage, as well as a code of ethics that excludes any behavior inconsistent with the company's values.


Minimized employee rotation and much more accurate and effective recruitment.


Employees who take more responsibility for the company's success and are more motivated and act proactively.


A distinctive organizational culture that supports the creation process of innovative solutions and the growth of company profits.

Stage no. 1

Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission and Values ​​are the main drivers and motivators of the all employees’ behavior of the company that you co-create
Therefore, during the first stage of the project, we jointly build or improve an integrated, special communication system. Thanks to this, the company you work for has consistent communication, integrates itself around the main goal, and all its employees think in the same direction – „they go to the one port”. You manage your team and the company through values, which means that the actions of each person in the company appear from her/his internal motivation, which is why you achieve the desired results faster as well as the company increases its market share. The co-workers create a new reality with commitment and take responsibility for the company’s success, adopting the attitude of “I’m the company and the company is me”.

Stage no. 2


During the second stage, we altogether implement the optimal communication system, thanks to which all co-workers engage themselves at 100%.
It is a model that makes managing easier for managers, teams and entrepreneurs to smoothly guide people through changing, delegating and accounting tasks, as well as exceeding their goals. When you are able to communicate in the right way, you stimulate the internal motivation of employees and direct them to find better solutions to build a good atmosphere of cooperation in your own team. At this stage you also develop your own coaching skills and your team coaching skills as well, where employees are able to diagnose a problem and effectively solve it. This management model makes managers quickly adapt the organization and its culture to the changing business environment.

Stage no. 3


In the third stage of the project, thanks to the defined business identity of the company, you communicate with the market perfectly through your products and services.
You also expand awareness of your unique market opportunities. You use communication skills, thanks to which you can change the client’s thinking about your products and services, thanks you can create trends in the industry, define and anticipate the client’s needs, instead of just following them. In addition, you are expanding other areas of business, create new solutions and easily generate demand for your products and services.

Stage no. 4

Organizational Culture

As an entrepreneur or leader, you use the power of the organizational culture as one of the tools of your own distinctiveness on the market.
The organizational culture is a consistent, systematic and specialized internal communication of people and organizations for which you work. These are also symbols that the company uses, as well as a well-developed code of ethics of action and conduct. You have a clearly defined work environment and highly qualified staff. Co-workers have a defined brand identity, including mission, vision and values. They have designated goals, a specific code of behavior inside the company and clearly defined career paths. As an entrepreneur, manager, and leader, you can create innovative solutions in the field of employee development and you become a desirable employer.