Building a brand

We operate systemically, starting from the plane that requires the fastest response from the level of business needs.

We adjust our solutions to companies, not companies to our solutions. Since we are aware that theory is never synonymous with business everyday life, we approach each company very individually and during the meeting with the owners we diagnose the most urgent business needs. Sometimes it may be an issue to be solved in management or sales, then we focus on these areas in the first place, acting in accordance with the communication culture and customer dynamics.

01. Mission, vision, values

Elements that make the brand unrivaled.

  • We select the mission, vision and values ​​of the company from the history of its founders, which are the basis of the brand’s identity.
  • We are discovering the main “founding idea” of the company that governs the entire organization, giving a strategic direction to the development of the brand and the entire organization.

02. Branding and symbols

It’s much more than just a logo.

  • We create influential brand symbols, such as a logo or the main slogan, which immediately identify the recipient with the idea and brand values.
  • We design or refresh the visual identification of the brand and its products, including all materials such as packaging, company paper, signboards, shop windows.
  • We create responsive websites, adhering to the UX principles, which sell and position the brand’s products accordingly.
  • Together with the client, we implement a new branding program.


03. Management

A motivated team that increases profits for company.

  • Through management, we implement the vision, mission and values ​​of the brand in action.
  • We work closely with the management board in creating business strategies, describe the company’s internal processes and procedures and create its unique knowledge base.
  • We train managers on all levels – incl. we develop their soft skills such as communication, team motivation, cooperation and we conduct training in project management.
  • The tools learned during the training are implemented in individual work with managers on their real professional situations.

04. Sale

Communicating the product with the customer.

  • We create brand and product communication that strongly connects the customer with the brand.
  • We support the entrepreneur in creating and implementing an individual marketing strategy for the brand, and we also constantly supervise its business effects.
  • We select marketing tools from all areas of marketing, providing know-how and implementation of campaigns, such as Google ADS, website positioning, photo sessions, supervision of publications, service and running of social media, influencer marketing and many others, correlated with the industry and the brand’s product.
  • We train sales, customer service, returns and complaints departments so that each customer’s contact with the brand is a consistent experience, confirming its idea and values, to which it joined.

05. Culture of the organization

It builds loyalty, attracts industry experts in a given organization and minimizes employee turnover!ekspertów w branży danej organizacji i minimalizuje rotację pracowników!

  • A motivated team that increases profits for company.
  • In close cooperation with the management board, we create business strategies, train managers by developing their communication skills and motivation in management.
Our results are the best prove

The achivements

Easier recruitment

Recruiting new employees becomes easier and the right people are attracted to the company’s culture.

Increase in profits

The company generates profits, gradually growing, everything takes place following the preferences of employees and the expectations of the owners.

Motivated team

Managers feel responsible for the company’s success and have the knowledge, tools and competencies appropriate to manage people and create ethically well-motivated teams who are achieving better and better results.

Identification system

All visual identification is standardized and modernized.

Long-term success

The company stands out from the competition and achieves long-term success with a clear difference compared to competitors in the market.

Crisis resistance

A strong brand becomes resistant in case of difficulties and has all the tools to manage.

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