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To say that we are a training and coaching company, it’s like saying nothing. We are an interdisciplinary team of specialists whose mission is to increase the number of people of great success, as well as building profitable brands of good influence (good impact on the world and society).

Projects to increase
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We have been serving Polish and foreign entrepreneurs for over 15 years with our knowledge and experience. We run business projects related to the development of soft skills of managerial staff, as well as support organizations in the transition to a higher level of management – Management through „Goal of good influence”, Vision, Mission and Values.

We help creating a good, developmental work environment for companies and create a culture of the organization that embraces “unity in multiplicity and multiplicity in unity”, and also create a distinctive brand that attracts customers and new employees.


In addition to business projects, we also run an open Success Academy, which anyone who is willing to increase own professional and personal effectiveness can use. As a part of the Success Academy, our Clients use numerous certified courses and workshops based on the method of Neurolinguistic Programming.

ISO 9001

All our services have the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which allows clients to benefit from the numerous subsidies available in their regions. If you have questions about how you can use the funding for your own company or business, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information: office@infinitypower.pl.

Jolanta Wasilewska

Business trainer and coach

Jolanta Wasilewska, business trainer and coach. She has been helping to develop companies, startups and corporations for 12 years. She builds long-term SUCCESSES of organizations in which she implements the management system through Vision, Mission and Values. In corporations, she transfers a global vision into the local market, taking into account the historical context of a given country. She creates internal and external communication systems of the company, which largely determine its success. Co-creates business strategies that give direction and rapid growth of the company. She believes that communication the GREAT ART that determines the success or failure of an organization. She is also convinced that every company that wants to be important and has a great impact on the regional or global market must discover its calling and its easement for people and the world, that is, to know the wider context of its operation, WHAT FOR it was created. As a business coach, her activity contributes to the creation of good, developmental work environments and their greater moral impact on the market.

Zarządzanie poprzez Wizję, Misję i Wartości
Edukacja Trenerów
Edukacja Coachów
Kreowanie Wizjonerów

Klaudia Głowacka

Cultural anthropologist, business psychologist, trainer, coach

A graduate of the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw, and the Faculty of Psychology at the SWPS University, Certified Master Practitioner of the Neurolinguistic Programming Method.

She deals with building Brands of Good Impact – personal and company brands. She helps clients to be professionally oriented, as well as plan and accelerate their careers. She supports the development of enterprises in which she implements the management system through Vision, Mission and Values, helps create organizational culture of development, as well as compiles appropriate internal and external communication (including visual communication), which largely determines the success of the organization. She runs closed trainings for companies, individual coaching as well as open trainings as a part of the Infinity Power International Success Academy. During the workshops she develops the participants’ soft skills such as communication in team management, sales, customer service, marketing communication, the ability to present products and services, self-presentation, conflict solution, building confidence in action, career planning, cooperation with emotions, or leadership skills. She believes that every person is a certain idea, a plan in the world and failure to implement this plan is a kind of loss for the world and for himself, therefore she willingly helps clients to discover their “idea” that they want to realize in their world through their BRAND.

Zarządzanie poprzez Wizję, Misję i Wartości
Planowanie i Rozwój Kariery
Budowanie Marki
Coaching Managerski

Anna Modrzewska

Cross - culture psychologist, business trainer and coach

Cross – culture psychologist, business trainer and coach. An expert and practitioner in the personal and professional development field. Graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of Humanities and Social Psychology in Warsaw. Knowledge and experience which she built both on the basis of general psychology, as well as the specialization within the framework of the Asian studies – China and East Asia. Practical skills gained during the stay in China, which extended her competencies as a cross-cultural psychologist.
Currently she co-creates programs and runs trainings, coachings at Infinity Power International Success Academy. She also conducts trainings for companies, corporations and individual coachings. She deals with areas such as: individual strategy for success, building and management through „A goal of good influence”, vision, mission, values, self-management in difficult situations, communication in team management, leadership skills, coaching managerial, self-presentation and business presentations, communication in team management, building confidence, planning and managing emotions, giving direction to professional life, career advancement.

During the trainings and coachings she is working on the following assumption: we have been created to develop, improve and to achieve success. She also believes that every person, regardless of the place where s/he was born, language or nationality, has a special and unique channel of expression through which reveals and manifests own potential – himself. In her work with curiosity, professionalism and reliability she accompanies all participants in training and individual customers through the discovery and use of this potential. She helps in the exploration of the unique “matrix of success”, which is the way and mean to achieve the objectives of each of us. She adheres to the principle that everyone, no matter what we currently do, we can make the life of art and create the band of their own success. As a person full of enthusiasm and a specialist in the field of interpersonal communication and strategies she can find herself in both the teamwork and cooperation between departments.

Zarządzanie poprzez Wizję, Misję i Wartości
Zarządzanie Międzykulturowe
Manager Przyszłości
Coaching Managerski

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